Practical information

Request results

Requesting lab results, documents and prescriptions is possible via HELENA.

Thanks to the HELENA portal, it is now possible to request lab results, documents and prescriptions in a secure manner.

HELENA is a user-friendly patient portal . Once you are registered, it is very easy to have the documents available. Thanks to this solution, you can access your protocols and regulations at any time.

Attention : Even after registration, your results will not automatically appear on Helena. Please give us a call and we will publish them.

Stickers from your health insurance fund

For laboratory tests, it is advisable to always have some stickers from your health insurance fund with you.


For urgent calls and home visits, there is always one doctor who provides permanence, which means that we cannot guarantee a free choice of doctor in those cases.

Regulations Policy

The delivery of prescriptions, certificates and documents of all kinds is a significant part of the work and responsibility of your GP. In order to guarantee the best care for your health and to limit the inconvenience for doctor and patient on the other hand, we think it is important to make some clear agreements about this.

Medical information


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